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WWelcome to Assume Arms, a national Coat of Arms registry. If you already have an Armorial Achievement (Coat of Arms), please register them with us for free by sending an email to info@assumearms.com and attach your emblazoment (image of your arms). We can also design your Coat of Arms from scratch for a modest price. We design Achievements for individuals, educational institutions, corporations and civic groups. If you have questions about Heraldry or Armorial Bearings in general, please check our Frequently Asked Questions.

Wto view other Armorial Achievements or just to browse, please go to the Search page. If you just click the "Search" button without putting anything in the input box, you will see all of our Achievements. The Coat of Arms that say "Heraldic Artist: Michael Richards" have been works commissioned through Assume Arms.

This is an Armorial Achievement, sometimes mistakenly called a Coat of Arms.

Azure, a Scroll Proper impaled by a Rapier Proper. Atop the Shield, a Knight's Helm affronty Or mantled Sanguine Doubled Or from a Wreath of those Colours. The motto, Vi Et Armis - By Force And Arms to be carried in an Escroll below the Shield. Supporters, a Cape of Office Sanguine and 2 Rapiers Proper crossed in Saltire.

This is a Sample Certificate of Assumption

Sample Coat of Arms Certificate of Assumption

This is a screen rendering of what an actual certificate looks like. Please check out the design page for more details about what services we offer.

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